Application Hosting
For some practices, the option to have their EHR or Billing software hosted at a remote location really makes sense.  If your staff has limited computing expertise, or if you wish to reduce upfront costs for software licenses and computing infrastructure, a hosted application configuration can be a good choice.

Computer Zone can host your EHR or Billing applications for you and enable you to access them remotely and securely.  With remote hosting, we still provide an end-to-end solution using our comprehensive methodology, but your applications reside at our site and are accessed via a secure web connection.

We can manage your software applications (including upgrades and updates), backup your data, and provide on-going support. And we can do it all remotely and for an affordable monthly fee.

    •    Lower upfront costs for licenses and hardware
    •    Affordable monthly fee
    •    Reduces or eliminates the need for on-site computing expertise
    •    Easy upgrades, updates and backups

If you’d like to discuss the advantages of remote application hosting, call us and we’ll provide all the details.