Automated Backup Services
Your practice data is indispensable, but managing data backups can be tedious and time consuming. And when things get busy, backups may not always get done when they should be.

But having a current backup copy of all your data is critical to the operation of your practice. How do you ensure that your data is always secure, backed up and available when you need it?

With Computer Zone Automated Backup Services, you can always be certain that your data is being backed up constantly and safely stored at an off-site location.  There’s no tedious procedure to follow, and your data is always current and safe.  You’ll have one less thing to keep track of and you’ll have peace of mind that your critical practice data is always backed up.

    •    Completely automated backup process
    •    Your data is always safely stored at an off-site location
    •    If needed, your data is quickly and easily recovered

To make sure your data is always protected, contact us and we’ll get you set up.