ARRA Stimulus Incentives: Computer Zone Can Help
The ARRA Stimulus incentive program is now under way.  Some practices have already received incentive payments under the Medicaid incentives and Medicare attestation is now open.

Computer Zone can help you navigate the details to make sure you get the right EHR for your practice. And once you have implemented your software, we will work with you to achieve the “meaningful use” required to get your share of the incentives.

Stimulus Overview:  Just The Facts
  • Approximately $20 Billion allocated for financial incentives for physicians that adopt EHR
  • Can total up to $44,000 per physician (Medicare) or $65,000 per physician (Medicaid)
  • Payouts begin in this year
  • Requires usage of a “certified” EHR system and verified compliance with “meaningful use” criteria
  • 500 EHR Products are now certified by ONC-ATCB, of these, 360 are “complete EHR” products
  • As of April 4, 13 states had launched their Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, and six states had issued incentive payments to Medicaid EPs who have adopted, implemented, or upgraded certified EHR technology.
  • As of March, almost 34,000 providers had registered with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to participate in the meaningful use incentive program to date.
  • Also as of March, CMS had paid out nearly $37.6 million so far in Medicaid payments in four states
  • Attestation for eligible providers under Medicare was opened for business on April 18th.